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Glennon Rose Wagner

I am the youngest of 4 girls, who grew up in front of her father’s camera. After having my dress privileges taken away for poor behavior, I quickly grew a conviction for femininity, style and how to capture the attention of a camera.

I began modeling when I was 18 years old on an early morning in Buschwick. My cousin’s roommate, a successful photographer, inquired before an evening out if I would like to shoot with him in the morning. I woke up with with timid eyes and willful confidence to be greeted by his backdrop, a stool and the soft light from their apartment window. I have been growing as a model since that first shoot in Brooklyn—building my skill within posing, runway, delivery, styling, mojo and creative direction.

This growth has manifested itself into working with over 15 different photographers, walking the runway for Patresea Peppers at Charleston Fashion Week 2018, being published in Vogue Italia’s PhotoVogue twice, and becoming the face of a sustainable fashion company.

I look forward to connecting with you and seeing what we can create!



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Asheville, NC